xolaro DUO holder-set (SALE)

xolaro DUO holder-set (SALE)

xolaro DUO holder-set


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xolaro DUO holder-set

This special accessory can be used with all xolaro models.

It allows a versatile, secure mounting of the xolaro`s on their desired place. A further functional extension and thus protective feature is given by tilting the xolaro – construction to the left or right.

The application takes place with these two DUO holders, which is fastened at the head – and foot part of a sun couch or comparable underground.

Depending on the needs and adjustment of the holder, the inclination of the xolaro`s can be fixed or adjusted smoothly.

It must be ensured that the two fastening nuts are only lightly tightened. Excessive force (over tightening) could cause damage to the bracket.

In stronger winds, the orange rubber washer should be removed.

There are 2 holders included per delivery.

The bracket has been specially developed for the xolaro`s and is patent protected.


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Weight 0,30 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 8 cm

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