xolaro Benefits - the Sun, wind and privacy screen for outdoor fans

Accessories included

Additional transport cover, 4 flexible binders and 4 herrings

With variable adjustments

You can move your shading area as you wish


The high-quality struts has a high restoring force

Ready to use in a few minutes

Unpacked from the compact transport bag, your xolaro is ready for use in less than 2 minutes in just a few simple steps.

How to set up your xolaro in just a few steps:

Unpack the rods, sort the components and arrange the lounger or blanket.

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A carefully thought-out system

The xolaro-systerm has been developed in many development steps for optimum function, maximum expandability and at the same time very easy handling.


Light weight

Low weight due to the use of high-quality materials


Easy to set up

No tools needed! Set up and dismantled in just a few minutes.


Offers lots of space

High-quality insulating mat suitable for all xolaro models


Easy to transport

xolaro models for hand luggage to suitcases



Easily withstands wind speeds of up to 4 Bft (~26 km/h)

Further xolaro benefits and information

UV-protection 50+

Unpack the rods, sort the components and arrange the lounger or blanket.

Storage compartments

Storage compartments at the head and foot end for magazines, etc.

Insulating mat

Waterproof, tearproof fabric, foam lining, wear-resistant

3 years of development

There is a lot of know-how and development work in xolaro


The carefully thought-out xolaro system is internationally patented


Attention is paid to high quality in all materials

Made in Austria

Produced in collaboration with our partner Northland


The cover area is opaque and anti-glare